The Portfolio of Ryan Smith

Welcome to your Wethr — an app that tells you what it's like outside today and what it might be like tomorrow.

Simple, elegant and easy, Wethr comes minus the bells, buttons and whistles. It delivers what you need to know and never tries to predict the future.

Search, save and view weather conditions at multiple locations and choose your favourite from a selection of seasonal colour themes.

But most importantly — enjoy your Wethr!

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Here's a sample of the condition icons designed for Wethr. From cloudy to mostly sunny, cyclones to sleet all circumstances are covered.

'Appit Tools' is a series of Node.js projects developed exclusively for Appit as part of their company-wide administration system. They were developed to quickly and easily take large amounts of complicated data and display it in an easy-to-understand manner.

They consist of 'Up'; an API uptime monitor that uses WebSockets, 'Files'; a file uploader that uses the FormData interface to show upload progress, 'Admin'; a robust authentication and user administration system using Redis and 'Blog'; a simple (yet fully-featured) CMS that parses Markdown text into html posts.

The first step in developing an identity for Appit, the logo was designed to show that the young company was professional yet friendly and approachable.

The Appit identity was put together in a short space of time for a start-up company who needed a quick, clean website to showcase their work to prospective clients.

A deceptively simple site, it makes use of makes use of responsive web design and Media Queries to provide a single page site that shrinks down to the size of an iPad or iPhone (or Android phone) and expands to the size of a laptop or desktop.

@TheTayBridge is a twitter-based notification system developed during the now notorious Hurricane Friedhelm. It was designed to alert people from the Tayside and Fife areas to the current status of operation of the Tay Bridge. It is a Node.js based application which presents the data available at the Tay Bridge website in a more convenient and accessible way.

Music Through The Ages is a design proof for a personal merchandise range. Classic examples of music technology show the evolution of the industry from vinyl to digital in a homage to the evolution of man.

Bettr is a better way of displaying photos from Flickr users' photostreams. It was produced using phpFlickr, jQuery, Masonry, and the Flickr API.

Bettr is displaying the photos of 徐晚晚 in this image. Bettr is not affiliated with Flickr in any way.

Bad Copy was designed to reproduce the retro, hand designed and produced music zines of 1980s and 90s. It's a custom Tumblr theme that makes use of the typeface Carbon Type; available from Typekit.

Pretty Stats was a prettier way of viewing your stats. A distillation of thousands of data-points, displayed in a manner that made it easy to view trends at a glance, it was a forward-looking design and used many CSS3, HTML5, and jQuery functions that still work in older browsers.

I’m sick of getting automated responses. I just don’t see the point. I don’t need an email telling me what I just did 2 minutes ago. Yes, I know, I was there too. So to that end I’ve invented the Automated Response Responder. That’ll teach them.

Kage Nightclub bill themselves as “Dundee’s top alternative nightclub” and as such cater for many different people and tastes in music.

We were commissioned during the spring of 2009 to provide the club with several posters advertising a selection of new and already established events.It was my aim to provide a modern, contemporary take on the alternative music scene forgoing the usual stereotype of ‘flames and skulls’, which would stand out from the crowded market of club posters on display around the city centre and provide the club with a new, fresh feel.

A series of design exercises executed to find a cohesive group of images that could be used as logos for Superposition Kitty without changing the meaning of — or diluting — the brand.

The 8 you see were selected from a group of over 30 logos.

These badges were developed as just one facet of Superposition Kitty's push into fashion design and marketing.

A combination of original designs and photography, there's a badge to appeal to anybody.

Dogwise “brings you the largest selection of cutting-edge information on living, loving, and working with dogs available anywhere”.

We were commissioned by Dogwise to design a batch of bookmarks to go out with book orders. These bookmarks were to be parodies of famous ads and pop culture references; such as DeBeers, VW and The Six Million Dollar Man.

Segment is a 16 segment display font from me to you. It’s free only for personal use, so please contact us if you would like to use it in a professional project. If you would like to try this typeface, then you can get it from dafont, where it's already been downloaded over 18,000 times.

Here you can see Segment in use in Season 5, Episode 8 of 30 Rock.

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